IMG_20180526_185452_277Nowadays, people like to camouflage everything. That is to say, the situation is involuntary. Moreover, this has become a habit in the minds of the people, And the society has a major contribution towards it. How we judge a person, and the comments we make, decides their ultimate behavior. Yes, the same behavior is being embedded into our deepest consciousness. Thought of a quote to exactly describe the problem.

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The quality of learning is determined by it’s ability to engage a mind.

A mentor is born for that! It’s surprising to see how a student becomes childish and curious.

If you’re curious, you will be acting childish. We’ve seen students with adrenaline rush in their brains. The rush is when the teachers asks to raise their hands. Those hands are not only an expression of knowing the answer, but also a certain amount of curiosity that he/ she displays.

This text is a better piece for the mentors. When a mentor is able to engage the mind of a student, the student will be open to receive the juice of knowledge. At that time, there’s nothing like maturity or understanding of the world. The student surenders! And the mentors can see it in their eyes.

Childish is another word that is used above in the text. Certain things are very pure in nature. Right?

The same goes for a student’s reaction to information.

Nowadays, one can see the lack of importance towards the value of a mentor.

Students shutdown their minds and lock them with fantasy. And consider the mentor as a a person to whom they’ve paid something.

It’s hard to figure out these interesting facts about the “teacher and student” relationship.

This concept has been suffering, probably, it has got weak legs when it comes to create that atmosphere in the class.

Just to see that child acting curious, the time when the teachers are so pleased to clear their confusions.

To understand more about how it works. And to shift on to better forms of learning, we must value our mentors. Otherwise, these observations will be of no value and the ones which are discovered, they will fade away with time.

– Varun Jaggi


Day -9

If you ask me, then you’ll get something relatable in the context of thoughts.

Thought sounds like a common word to our ears.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they govern a major part of our lives. The way you interpret something can be summarised as a thought.

And the irony, you don’t need ‘anything’ to think. It’s as common as breathing or living. Now, thinking what a thought is, can be a thought in itself. How thoughtful!

The actions you do defines your thinking process. The glass of beer in my hand can decide my behaviour with the person sitting in the other seat. Or the kind of things I see or observe is the base for my mental condition.

Thoughts can be of a great importance because sometimes, they can turn out to be actual execution of the desired thought! Not necessarily good!

Think good, if you can! It’ll be a part of that small freedom, the person should experience. Sooner or later, you’ll figure this out. 

Be it jealousy, narrow thinking, selfishness or something rare, but good. It defines your actions.

Summarising, the actions define our thoughts.

And thoughts define our actions.

Quite interrelated! 

Right ?


Varun Jaggi


Day -8

Love has no true meaning to today’s generation.

Its very easy to develop relationships with people and socialize in the name of mutual attraction.

However, such things have an unfavourable outcome. Often misunderstood as love.

We must understand the difference between love and attraction 

It leads to a faded conversation. More like a misleading chat.


Day 7

Quote’s message

It’s a big message for the society. Women are victimised by such acts of teasing and molestation. To change this we have to spread the message and enable women to take action against such practices.

It’s women who should be taught to defend themselves and bring this issue to everyone’s eyes.

Do share and spread the message. 

Pens are power



Day – 6


It was a tree.
Just a tree.
Why was it so special?
It seemed to be as normal as a green tree.
What was special about it’s shine?
I was doubting my ability to judge the nature.

Earlier, trees were of no use to me.
Now, it was green as my thoughts.

It was a tree.
Just a tree.
One, Two and three.
The difference with no evens and no odds.
Yes, I was looking at the nature.
Why they Say, “it’s hard to find God?”



Day -4 ( Sunday)

Everything was in place.
I could see people walking around.
I was looking out from the window frame.
The world was least bothered about me.
I was so alone….

I adjusted my chair, looked out of the window, searching for someone.
Soulmate, friend or any other living being, I could trust.

I picked up my phone and called my mom.
I was still looking out of the window…
I talked to her when l was watching the selfish world outside.
The call ended, I was still looking out of the window.
The small window was enough to see the whole world.

My name is David!
I lost my friend last year.
He was a drug addict!
I look out of that window to see people like him.
Hey, Victor!
Let’s go for a ride.
We packed our bags and left for Cuba.
The trip was full of fun and joy! We had our drinks at bars and our favourite burgers at the papaz food joint.
You should quit drugs!
He smiled 🙂
Why are you taking this to spoil yourself?
He never told me the reason…
We reached home and slept for a day.
The next morning, I took my cup of tea and approached the window of my house.
I could see his house on the other side, the next moment, I saw him on the cliff.

It was the drugs again!
As I took the first sip of my tea, he jumped from there.
That first mouthful of drink became a poison within seconds.

I rushed out of my house and the rest was regret.

The next day I found his phone in my bag.
I was emotionally dead, had a sleepless night!
I picked up the phone!
My eyes were filled with tears.

There was a text message
Jeniffer: Shut up! I never want to see your face. You can’t even buy a car! You’re such a worthless man!
Victor: Baby, I cannot leave my addictions. You’re the only reason for my life.
Jeniffer: Go to hell!
Victor: Okay baby! I won’t bother you again. This will be my last dose.
Now I remember why he was smiling when I told him to leave drugs!
Did he really forget his phone?
There were many questions…
I looked out of the window and searched for that one friend.


By – Varun Jaggi


Habits are a structure of our daily lives. They govern the level of satisfaction, happiness and purpose in life. If I have a habit of eating my food quickly, I will face indigestion problems. Such a small bad habit can lead to serious issues. No problem is big or small! There’s always a time frame associated with the habit which makes it a problem or an opportunity. If I kick the ball too quick, I’ll figure it out from the result.

It will be an opportunity as it will teach me to be in a steady position. What if I kick it fast every time? It will become a problem for me for a long time. We can clearly see the time frame of the two situations, the situations are the only reason to drop something in our favour or to take it away…

Another aspect is the depth of the habit. It simply means the length of the roots of a problem. It will take a lot for you to eliminate certain things in life. Let’s take a valid case of a person addicted to smoking. He/she will try to leave it, but they can’t because there’s no such provision or fixed method to quit it. Believe me, chewing gums don’t help!

I also struggle with bad habits, but it is not smoking or drinking. Everyone has a space for their personal problems, the problems formed out of their habits. Unfortunately, they are helpless. This is the irony…

When you’re helpless, you’re the one to help yourself! Being helpless means there’s no exterior solution to your habit. You must figure out the solution. In other words, don’t be afraid of bad experiences. God will forgive you if you have true intentions. The solution lies with you..

I’ll give you a practical solution for some of your problems. The next time, while you’re in the process of repeating the same habit, just pluck an empty part of your mind to think of the habit.

Practice this only when you are in the stage of execution of the habit. Your mind will start to give you a solution. Apply each one of them, the one which suits will be your cup of tea.

It may sound like an advice, but I’ll give a scientific proof for it!

Just imagine yourself crossing the road. Suddenly, you see a truck approaching you!

Obviously, you’ll look for a solution. One of your habits is to cross the road in a careless manner. Now, in that problem, the mind will have no confusion and you will jump on the other side to save yourself.

Similarly, we have a mind which figures out a solution without any confusion when we’re in the stage of execution. A Practical situation leads to a more precise rectification.

Yes, your habit requires a rectification! Don’t be afraid to fail. One day, you’ll meet your inner expectations…

And yes… Quit smoking